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About Lora Hein

Lora Hein was born in Oregon to parents who met in a college club called the Naturalists and instilled in her a love of nature, music, art, and reading.

Lora is currently working on a memoir, “Tortoise Moon,” her first book. When she was 23 years old, between stints in college, she spent two months in the Galápagos Islands. While traveling for two months on a local fishing boat, she observed and learned from close encounters with the wildlife that gave rise to Darwin’s theory of natural selection. There she discovered who she is and how and where she belongs in the world as well as the greater universe. Her work in progress was selected as a 2019 finalist in the Nonfiction/Memoir category of the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association Literary Contest. 

After experiencing what she recognized as true education from direct interaction with a wilderness unmediated by books, Lora pursued a variety of ways to earn a living while being as close to nature as possible, including being a seasonal Park Ranger, teaching, and designing and building passive solar houses in the North Cascades of Washington State.

Lora now calls Edmonds, Washington, home, where she and her spouse enjoy, appreciate and enhance the arts, natural surroundings, and community in as sustainable a lifestyle as possible.

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An excerpt from Tortoise Moon

True Stories, The Narrative Project Volume 1, published January 2019 contains a chapter in progress from Lora’s memoir, Tortoise Moon, as a stand-alone piece in this anthology.

This adventure within an adventure piece details one of Lora’s experiences in the Galápagos Islands in 1973. Struggling with feeling unaccepted, rejected by the trip leader, Lora and one of her fellow travelers become lost in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island and fear they will be left behind when the fishing boat they are due to depart on leaves the next day. This excerpt relates the fears they face and the choices they make to survive.

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