The world is full of amazing and even miraculous discoveries. Awe and Wonder await you in every moment. All you need is attention and awareness. Attention paid to each of your senses and awareness of what is beyond the first impressions. Listen, breath, open or close your eyes, focus on the sensations in your body at this moment. Look around you, up, down, both sides, behind. Notice anything? 

An anna's hummingbird with beak buried in a flat red feeder
Anna’s Hummingbird at feeder

Make a point of going outside every day. Do so several times. Notice how the changing light from before dawn, through mid-day and into the evening makes everything new in every moment if you take even a second or more to notice. Colors shift, birds may arrive and depart, be active, or silent and hidden. Shadows bring objects into view and change how you notice them.

This little Anna’s Hummingbird came right up to the feeder next to me as I was weeding. She kept slurping nectar long enough for me to pull my phone out of my pocket and get a few quick images to share.

All it takes is to say “Hello, World!” Then be ready and wait for the world to say “Hello!” back to you.


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