Getting super excited about my three minutes of potential fame. On Sunday afternoon, June 11, 2023 I will be reading an excerpt from my piece in the anthology, SPRING AND ALL. The event takes place at Village Books in Bellingham. Since I will be driving alone (hint hint, anyone north of Seattle and south of Burlington who would like to accompany me and get a sneak preview?) I will not have a chance to practice en route.

Big shout out to Sidekick Press and Lisa Dailey, wizard of all things website related.

The piece in the book does not contain this polaroid image of me with my climbing partner. Nor does it contain two other pictures of our gear laid out in my dorm room and summiting the final portion of the ascent. If you would like to receive a copy of those pictures, leave a comment below, or subscribe to receive notices of my infrequent blog posts.


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