Considering the Earth Day anniversary coming up soon. How do we connect that occurrence with the COVID-19 sequestration we are all adapting to in one form or another? This post includes a cornucopia of the “C” words I associate with current conditions.
This COVID-19 / coronavirus is cutting us off from comfortable comforting and customary ways of connecting.

Then there’s news that the climate crisis, with an overload of particulate matter in particular, exacerbates COVID symptoms. Pollution may even contribute to a more critical level of sickness. A month ago I wrote about the combined impact of aspects of the climate crisis and global pollution that combine with COVID to make an even deadlier mix.

That’s some of the bad news. On this Earth Day anniversary I want to take a look at possibilities and opportunities embedded in this current crisis and our potential response to it.

Celebrating Community

I shared a story recently posted at McSweeney’s about a marvelous celebration of a recent milestone birthday. This outpouring of Birthday wishes from my nearest neighbors touched me deeply. No one got in a car to drive by. We maintained extreme social distancing. No one purchased any new stuff to make the celebration a heartfelt outpouring of well wishes with materials already in hand.

We are discovering ways to connect with each other, not just in our close communities. We are recognizing our connection as a planet from which none of us has the means to escape. Well, maybe a few astronauts can take a breather in the Space Station, but they have to come down sometime.

They say the skies are clearer and we can hear the birds sing

Creating a New Normal

Maybe in our time spent at physical distance, we can find new ways to support and connect with each other all around the globe. In spite of travel bans and closed national borders, we can consider ways to emerge from this crisis into a new “normal,” one that improves upon and makes a more equitable and peaceful world possible. A world that respects ALL life and our interconnectedness may be the key to clearing the air, healing our disconnection and halting the progression of climate catastrophe.

I’d like to hear how you are considering altering your previous “normal.” How can you contribute to a calmer, clearer lifestyle? one less stressful on the climate as well as you? Please share your ideas in the comments below and share this post with others to contribute their ideas.


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